Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Two for Tuesday - Math Resources

Hi, just stopping by quickly before we go for a swim to let you know that I am linking up with the Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday.

I have put two math units on sale today for 50% off.

First up is my graphing unit (click here to check it out).

Next up is my metric linear measurement unit (click here to check it out).

And check out all the other deals linked up at the Teaching Tribune.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Why'd I Buy It

Confession time - I do not buy Christmas gifts in August or September or even October. I am lucky to start making a list in November. But....I start shopping for September in June - that is right, I shop for BTS before I am even done with my present school year!!

So I have been picking up a few things here and there and I have learned one thing - it is better to do your crazy BTS shopping by yourself. I have learned not to bring my husband (he can not handle seeing the total) and now I can not bring my 13 year old daughter because she says "What do you need that for?" or "Why are you buying that" and I actually try to rationalize my purchases. So I thought I would share with you some of my purchases...

Font from KG Fonts, Clipart from Melonheadz, Frame from I Teach, What's Your Superpower?

....because I know you will understand!!

First up, a class set of sponges:

These are not so my students can clean the classroom, although that is a fabulous idea. These are for creating class graphs : )

I got this idea from The Teacher Tipster (who I am secretly in love with). You can check it out here.

Next up, apple erasers:

Of course these are not for actual erasing, that would be silly. These are for 5 and 10 frame math activities. I have these activities from Deidre at A Burst of First. (only I bought the whole bundle! but this set has apple activities!!)


I also picked up this great freebie -  Five Frame Fun with Apples from Babbling Abbey.

I also picked up some awesome apple freebies from Cara at the First Grade Parade.

Next, these buckets:

Which were hard to ignore, I really wanted them. Come on, they have little blackboards on them!! I even kinda wanted them so I could do supplies for each group on a Lazy Susan or something or for Bucket Filling BUT my daughter started harassing me about what I needed them for and then I could not justify buying like 25 (1.00 each at Target) so I just bought a few and will be using them to hold coloring tools that will be organized by colour. Last year I used drawers but I think this will be cute too.

Last one (for today - I have bought a lot more!), these books:

I bought a class set (8 books for $3 at Target). Again, my plan is not 100% solid but they have 16 pages each and I am thinking they would be perfect for circle stories. I love using If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and all of the other books in this series and then having my students write their own circle story. Christmas is a great time to use circle stories (If You Take a Mouse to the Movies) since students can use so many different Christmas characters in their stories. I love If you Give a Reindeer some Root Beer from First Grader at Last!!

Well there you have it, some of my purchases and why I NEEDED to buy them!!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Monday Made It - Prepping for the New Classroom {Freebie}

Happy Monday!! I can not believe two weeks of my summer vacation have gone by already! We have had some good times as a family but I have also been overwhelmed by my online course! So I apologize that I have not been around much. I do have some things to share with you today that I have been making for my new classroom. There is also a freebie at the end that you might like : )

I am linking up again this week with Tara the blogger behind 4th Grade Frolics and this wonderful linky....


Here we go : )

Okay, I am starting off easy here. These are labels that I purchased on TPT from AmyGroesbeck. I love them!! They are so bright and I love the clipart. I considered making my own but why bother when these are so perfect and the file is editable so you can print what you need and they will be easy enough to re-create for ones that I need (I have ocean animal counters, not teddy bear and Canadian Money). I printed and cut and they are ready to be taped to my bins. I am not going to laminate since I will be covering them with packing tape.

Be sure to check out her store - she had adorable classroom job and agenda items too!!

This next one is a Made It based on this awesome post and product from Learning in Wonderland.
She shared her idea of headers, scrapbook paper and page protectors as a way to post learning goals in the classroom. I loved it! I love her headers (you can click here to see them on TPT) and was just about to buy them (cause they are a great price!) when I decided that I am THAT anal and I needed my math to be all blue. Sigh. So I made some headers, printed, laminated, got scrapbook paper out and page protectors and voila - learning goals are ready to post. I love how my reading and writing goal pages will look in these. I also made math goal pages {freebie sample} that match these but will need to revamp all of them for my new curriculum. In taking the picture I realized I still need to make a word study goal!!!

This next one is 100% mine - woohoo. I made a chart and backpack labels for how my students get to and from school. As you might now I am moving from a very small school (two busses, 5 walkers and some parent pick ups) to a bigger school (5 busses so far) and a younger grade (3/4 to 1/2) so I needed a way to organize and keep track of students and how they will be getting home.

My plan is to print student names onto the charts and hang them by more door using ribbon. You could also use clothespins with student names to show how they are getting home. Clothespins would work well if you have students that go home different ways on different days.

I will also be affixing this label to their backpack. My plan is to use tie wraps and attach them to the handle. I will print the student names on the label, laminate (for weather) and attach.

So I made a set that matched this here blog - since I love my blog....but then I realized that most things I have bought and made have bright colours so I made a second pack.

You can check them out in my TPT store here and here.

Lastly I made new numbers to go around my clock (I hope since I have yet to see inside my room!!). Again I went with bright colours. Click here to pick up a free copy.

On a personal note I made it one week without coffee!! On December 31st, 2013 I gave up Pepsi (my most favourite drink in the whole world!!) and all related pop/soda beverages. It has been hard, really hard. Last Sunday I decided to give up coffee (double, double) as well. I am not the healthiest of eaters and I am trying to move towards a healthier lifestyle but can only do it in small manageable tasks. So far - no pop, whole wheat bread and pasta and now no coffee. Yesterday was Soooo HARD. I got up early to work on my course and wanted a cup of coffee to make it seem a little better. But cold turkey is the only way I can go, otherwise it is a slippery slope right back to one or two a day.

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Two for Tuesday - Poetry and Non-Fiction Resources

Happy Tuesday!! I am linking up with The Teaching Tribune for Two for Tuesday - which means that two item in my TPT store are 50% off today - along with a whole bunch of other resources so make sure you check out the linky!!

I had high hopes of finishing and posting a new math product for today - but unfortunately summer got in the way. I took my girls to our local civic museum - because that is a summer tradition. The museum has a Robert Munsch exhibit going on right now - and we LOVE his books.

This picture is for you Alison - he has an office in his BASEMENT!!

And here is the activity that helped me decide what to put on sale today. They took pictures from his books and gave letters and you had to make a sound word or onomatopiea to go with the picture. I love this idea and can't wait to steal it next year!!

So I decided to put my Poetry Posters on sale today.

I also decided to put my Non-Fiction Text Feature set on sale. I love using this set to review the features of non-fiction text, what the features are and how they help the reader. Sometimes I post all of the cards - other times I just use them in small group instruction and have the students build the board with their own ideas after our lessons.

Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday Made It - When You Can't Get in Your Class - Freebies

Happy Monday!!! I am happy to be linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for her inspirational linky...

As you may know (since I tend to obsess over this fact) I can not get in to my new class, nor do I know what it really looks like, or what sort of wall space I will have and so on. So....what does a teacher who loves to make and think about class décor do in this situation - she takes over someone else's classroom : )

Lucky me, one of my very best teacher friends is also moving schools and grades. So I went along to her classroom to help her plan her set up, décor etc. I am so excited for her. She is moving from a 7/8 to a 3/4 (my former stomping ground!). She is going to have a classroom theme and everything!! She has chosen Superheroes (also a personal fav. of mine!).

Some things she needs: desk name plates, numbers for her coat hooks, a WOW board, a calendar and a whole lot more!

 Last year she was using the amazing notebooks from my friend Erin (I'm Lovin Lit). Erin has this amazing freebie to help students frame their answers using the acronym A.C.E..

As a mentioned my friend is going to do a theme (woohoo!) so I took Erin's idea (with her permission of course) and added some superhero clipart and made  this cute little poster.

I made it a weird size since I was just playing around with it but I have fixed it so that it will print as a poster 18 x 24. You can print it at home - it takes about 8 pages and then cut and paste it together, you could print it just as an 8.5 x 11 or you can do what I did and have Business Depot print the poster for you. It cost me (here in Ontario) $14.99.

I also made smaller versions for her student notebooks. The words are colour coded so that students can colour code their answers to show they included all 3 parts!!

Click here for a copy of the poster and here for a copy of the student page.

Okay this next one is really more like 1a and not 2 but.....I made the same poster using A.P.E. since that is how I taught my students to respond to answers.

I taught them some silly things to do with this acronym when I taught it - to try and make it fun and stick in their head. I broke down each part and introduced each one over about 2 weeks.

When introducing A - I had them ACT like apes - hands in armpits making ape noises and squatting around the room.

When introducing P - I had them POUND on their chest  - we talked about pounding the answer in with proof.

When introducing E - we sang the Go Bananas song - Peel bananas, cut bananas, smoosh bananas, eat bananas, go bananas - we all know that song write - to show that we need to extend our answer - not just peel and eat - lots of extra details in there : )

Click here for a copy of the poster and here for a copy of the student page.

The next one is an idea I took from this great tutorial from Kristen at Ladybug's Teacher Files on making covers for my Pinterest boards. Hers are amazing and have great clipart to match each board. I made one cover and just changed the title for each board but I am loving how it looks. You can check out my Pinterest boards here if you want.

This next made it is actually my daughters. I shared a pic of it before on Instagram but thought some people may need an activity to occupy their kids and this one takes a while.

All you need are a pair of plain flip flops and balloons - the water balloon type. All you do is tie the balloon around the thong. Make a knot or double knot and voila.

My daughter does say that the balloons heat up in the sun if she leaves them out on the driveway too long. The added bonus my girls enjoy is that since a bag of water balloons comes with many colours but they only want to use some of the colours they are able to have a lot of water balloon fights!!